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Post Diploma Training Program

Post Diploma Training Program

Diploma holders and Science graduates trained in basic nuclear technology are essential for the safe operation and maintenance of nuclear facilities. For this purpose, KINPOE has been offering one-year Post Diploma Training Program (PDTP) in Nuclear Power Plant Technology since 1973. The training includes classroom instructions, laboratory experiments, and field visits to the Plants. On completion of successful training, depending on requirement of PAEC, selected candidates may be appointed in PAEC and can be assigned tasks related to operation or maintenance in nuclear power plants or related installations.
Admission to this program is on merit based on academic qualifications, aptitude test and interview. All trainees are provided with a fellowship of Rs. 12500 pm and free hostel for outstation trainees.

Trainings are held at Karachi Institute of Power Engineering (KINPOE), Karachi & CHASNUPP Centre of Nuclear Training (CHASCENT), Mianwali.


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